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Multiple Listing Service (MLS) property information used to be restrictive to only licensed agents, such that home buyers cannot freely search. Internet Data Exchange (IDX), as gibberish as it sounds, is a communication bridge that allows your MLS featured properties and local area property listings to be available to thousands of potential home buyers. Click to learn more on how our realty website designs take advantage of IDX to increase leads.

IDX Realty Solutions employs the power of WordPress, a trusted development software, to deliver multipurpose websites with blogging capability. The two most important benefits to you are simplicity to content management and search engine optimization friendliness. Click to learn more on how we attract and retain home buyers on your site.

Your real estate website will never be templated! IDX Realty Solutions' designs artistically and professionally emphasize your personal branding and business branding. Individuality is one factor to separate you from the rest. Per statistic findings, 92% of buyers use the internet in their home search and 50% of buyers use mobile website. Click to learn more on how our responsive web designs behave as mobile websites to capture buyers on any device.

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Mobile first responsive web design

With advances in mobile phones and cellular technology, online searches and shopping are being done more on mobile devices than the traditional laptop and desktop computers. IDX Realty Solutions focuses on staying ahead of trends in technology and implements mobile first website design to guarantee that your real estate listings are easy to find and navigate on mobile devices. Mobile first designs strategically display the most important aspects of your business to fit the limited screen size of mobile devices for the best user experience possible. And with our websites being built to be responsive, your property listings will attract potential homebuyers from any device.